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Theodore D. Bossé, QC, Honorary Consul to Finland in Alberta, Knighted

Ogilvie Law celebrates the knighting of one of its very own.

When Theodore Bossé (Ted) learned that he was being rewarded for his 20 years of service with the Knight of the Order of the Lion of Finland, 1st Class, he felt deeply honoured - “I thought the service was my reward”, said Ted, a senior member of Ogilvie’s partnership who has been with the firm since 1981.

Mr. Bossé has served Finland as the country’s representative in Edmonton and Alberta since 2000. The position includes attending interesting and formal functions and cultivating a strong relationship with the Lieutenant Governor.

Mr. Bossé shared centre stage with former Edmonton Oilers Wayne Gretzky, Kevin Lowe and Jari Kurri when his role required him to bring greetings from Finland on the occasion of Mr. Kurri being gifted a key to the City of Edmonton and retiring as an Oiler. It was one of many exciting moments, but when asked what experience was most meaningful, Mr. Bossé thoughtfully talks about hosting Finland’s former Prime Minister, Esko Aho, in Alberta. The trip’s purpose was for Mr. Aho to accept an honorary degree from the University of Alberta in recognition of his global work in technology transfer. During the trip, important discussions occurred and were catalysts to the concept of Alberta’s Enterprise Fund.

Resting his laurels on the knighthood is not part of the plan for Mr. Bossé. There is still much to be accomplished in his role. Aiding and supporting the progress of international trade to reflect the changing economy being one of his goals.

Edmontonians can experience some of the wonderful Finnish culture Mr. Bossé has come to enjoy at Heritage Days. Delights include pickled herring, a sweet pastry called karjalanpiirakka and a delicious mulled wine.

The Canadian Government acknowledged the appointment and Mr. Bossé can’t help thinking how delighted and proud his mother would have been. The special distinction was shared with Mr. Bossé’s family and not lost on his young grandchildren. After the busy and wonderful day, Mr. Bossé’s phone rang at home, his granddaughter Elly called to say ‘goodnight, knight’.

Theodore D. Bossé QC Knighting