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Ogilvie LLP Expands to Include New Family Law Practice

Firm adds important practice area with two new lawyers

Edmonton law firm Ogilvie LLP announces a new practice area to the firm’s offering. The family law practice has been consistently requested from clients and compliments the firm’s service offerings, and the addition of the practice group is an important step forward in Ogilvie’s growth strategy in Alberta.

While Ogilvie has represented clients in this area before, officially endorsing and expanding the family law practice group recognizes the firm’s trust and commitment to our clients and to the new additions to our legal team with expertise in this area of the law.

With the addition of the new practice group Ogilvie also welcomes two new lawyers, Rana Ghanem and Omar Abdulhak. Ghanem and Abdulhak are pleased to have a solid platform upon which to take on more complex and involved family matters.

The two new senior associates bring fundamental insights to the firm and a deep understanding of family law, including division of assets and separation agreements; prenuptial, postnuptial and cohabitation agreements; separation and divorce; child support and spousal support, as well as parenting time and decision making. Ghanem and Abdulhak also practice civil litigation law.

“Ogilvie LLP is proud to deliver a diverse collaborative and knowledgeable practice to clients,” says Trevor Reddekopp, Managing Partner at Ogilvie LLP. “We are research driven and we use our internal knowledge base to boost productivity and drive efficiencies for our clients. Like the other lawyers at Ogilvie, Ghanem and Abdulhak have already embraced the teams approach at Ogilvie that offers flexibility and the ability for lawyers to seamlessly serve client’s needs.”

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