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Ogilvie LLP Supports Its Partners in Construction as the Provincial Economy Expands

We’ve all walked by the giant holes that take up square blocks around Edmonton. Cranes reach far overhead and the sounds of construction fill the air. While we can agree that such sights are a clear sign of the economic recovery that is underway in our city, few may be aware of the essential role lawyers play in the construction process.

OGILVIE LLP, has a long history in construction law. The firm ensures client’s interests are protected and that the inevitable conflicts, that emerge over the life of a project, are dealt with efficiently and with an eye always on supporting the client to achieve project completion. Timely project completion means: tenants can take occupancy, financial objectives are met and penalties avoided (and in special circumstances, the ribbon cut and champagne poured).

Ogilvie's construction law group is, by nature, focused on results. When the economy expands, construction grows along with it. Timeliness matters as clients move to capture opportunities. The specialized group is well-equipped to assist clients in capturing build and growth opportunities while at the same time guarding clients from risks, both known and unknown. Ogilvie is specialized in protecting its clients’ interests, whether it’s a dispute between developers, construction managers, contractors, suppliers, engineers or architects or helping to respond and navigate through a global pandemic.

Ideally, resolution is achieved without litigation, however, it is essential to have experienced counsel that are prepared to proceed to trial or arbitration, if necessary. Ogilvie's lawyers have the knowledge base and expertise to help clients avoid, or at least minimize, costly disputes. The construction law group, lead by Rod Wasylyshyn Partner at Ogilvie, is experienced in reaching the best possible outcome for clients. Wasylyshyn, recognized multiple years nationally by Best Lawyers in the field of Construction Law, will tell you that optimal resolution requires understanding the issues in dispute and strategically identifying a course of action that is likely to result in the best available outcome for clients, and then executing on the same. The trick is reaching that point as quickly as possible with a minimum of waste. Ogilvie ensures that clients receive excellent representation when the unfortunate occurs.

Ogilvie LLP’s size and location is a big part of our competitive advantage. We are proud to be a mid-sized, regional firm based in Edmonton which allows us to provide expert legal services in relation to larger construction projects in our region (such as the recent Amazon Warehouse), to smaller scale projects and to clients connected to the trades. Our significant experience as a firm working for construction-related clients in the region (from developers and construction managers to contractors, consultants, and suppliers - both large and small), allows us to anticipate conflict and focus efforts on important issues driving disputes, ensuring our focus is always directed towards protecting the interests of clients.

At Ogilvie, we use a team approach to deliver for our clients. Wasylyshyn is a senior partner and member of the Management Committee at Ogilvie. He plays a large role in the development of our practices in construction law. Ogilvie is fortunate to have several partners and associates well versed in construction law. One such member is Ola Cislik, an associate drawn to this area of practice by her interest in the challenge construction law offers. Cislik has become a significant member of the Ogilvie Construction Law Team. At Ogilvie, where positive firm culture is a priority, Cislik can count on mentorship and guidance from the senior group as she grows her practice.

One way that Cislik protects the interests of Ogilvie clients is by staying current on legislation that impacts construction law. For example, recently the government of Alberta passed prompt payment legislation that will come into effect at the end of August 2022. This is legislation that introduces timelines and rules for payments and liens in all construction industry sectors, ensuring contractors and subcontractors are paid on time. It is another area of construction law where anyone doing business in this area needs sound advice.

Let Ogilvie LLP bring our rich experience and team approach together for you.

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Photo Courtesy of Dawson Wallace Construction Ltd.