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Celebrating Ogilvie’s 100th Birthday

Celebrating Ogilvie’s 100th birthday on June 20th was a quiet and socially distant affair.

Over the morning small groups were invited to the firm’s boardroom to select from an assortment of individually boxed pastries made by the local La Boule bakery and to receive a special card of gratitude gifted to the Ogilvie team. Ron Odynski QC, Chair of the firm, delivered a video message, the heart of Ron’s communication centering around the history of excellence at the firm and the many challenges overcome during the century. A commitment to community was one of the founding principles of James Ogilvie. This principle continues to be the spirit that guides Ogilvie today, most recently witnessed by a $100,000 contribution from the firm to the charity All in for Youth (AIFY).

A United Way initiative, AIFY provides at risk local students with the following wraparound resources:

  • Mentoring
  • Nutrition
  • Success coaching
  • Before and after school programing
  • Family support

Ogilvie’s donation will directly support 80 youth and their families to build a stronger future by overcoming the hurdles presented by poverty. The resources made available through AIFY will allow some of our community’s most vulnerable youth to succeed in school, acquire job skills, and achieve financial literacy.

The joy and feelings of connection from achieving milestones is undeniable. Whether it’s the pride on a child’s face when they, having overcome significant obstacles, obtain their high school diploma or, the feeling of accomplishment when your law firm reaches a century in age.

100 Years of Letting Kids be Kids