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Although we are pleased to hear from you, do not forward confidential information in your email. Unsolicited information may not be treated as confidential and will not be protected by solicitor-client privilege. This office will not accept documents for service by email, unless we provide prior written consent to do so.


What We Do Best

The lawyers at Ogilvie represent a broad range of educational and professional backgrounds. They are committed to staying on top of new developments in all aspects of our profession and regularly attend legal education courses and seminars in order to refine and expand their knowledge of the law. Each lawyer has interests that fall into one or several of the above departments.

The areas of practice within each department continuously expand in order to meet the needs of our diverse and growing clientele. Chances are one of the areas listed within the practice areas includes the issue on your mind. Take a quick look through, and if you find that's the case, Ogilvie is the right team to help you!