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Camron D. Schwartz, Partner and Wills & Estates Planning Counsel at Ogilvie LLP

Even if you feel that your affairs are in order, it might be worthwhile making an appointment with Cam Schwartz at Ogilvie LLP to talk about your Will and Estate Planning.

Cam and his team are experts in guiding clients to achieve a plan that encompasses the complexities in estate planning and family dynamics and will ease the stress that many feel when thinking about their legacy.

Spending time with Cam, you get a sense of his calming and thoughtful nature. He listens quietly in an effort to understand how to help. Whether individuals are meeting to discuss complex estate planning or following the passing of a loved one, Cam says that he enjoys his work because he is often able to alleviate the stress in client’s lives. Many times, clients come into Ogilvie with what they perceive to be insurmountable problems, but with clear guidance, understanding and a strong sense of how to move forward, Cam can lift this burden.

Working at a law firm that has been serving clients for over 100 years means there is a strong sense of tradition. It also means the firm can adapt to change. Ogilvie prides itself on being a leader in the Edmonton legal community. An example of this in Cam’s practice is that regardless of one’s beliefs or religious affiliation, Cam ensures the proper planning and drafting needed so each person’s needs and wishes can be carried out under Canadian Law. Edmonton is a thriving multicultural metropolis. Sharia Law, for example, requires that Cam and his team apply their knowledge and experience to ensure that cultural and religious beliefs are honoured and upheld.

It’s in everyone’s best interest to plan for the future.”

One misconception that often arises with estate planning is that you need to have a high net worth to warrant Will and Estate Planning. This commonly held belief is not accurate. Having proper, well written documents which outline one’s wishes related to end of life matters and their estate can help alleviate added stress, costs and confusion. It’s in everyone’s best interest to plan for the future.

Cam talks about his own family like any Dad would, with pride and contentment. Being an experienced estate planner means that his affairs are in order and he can focus on the present. A present life that includes a happy marriage, four adult children leading successful lives and a commitment to volunteerism serving on boards and through formal mentorship programs.


Camron D. Schwartz, Partner and Wills & Estates Planning Counsel at Ogilvie LLP