We get it. Choosing a firm to complete your articling at is a big decision. You need a place where you can learn at your maximum potential, grow as a lawyer, and also feel as though you are part of a team. Ogilvie LLP is that place.


Ogilvie is a full service firm dedicated to our clients, our community, and our profession. We recognize that our strength and reputation are built on ingenuity, leadership, and relationships and we work hard to uphold this. We are committed to providing quality legal services in an effective and efficient (cost and otherwise) manner. We are committed to keeping on top of changes and developments in our profession, and in business, technology, and society as a whole.

Considered a mid-size firm, our size allows us to really focus on our clients’ unique needs and circumstances. This is something that many find attractive when comparing us to mega-size firms. Being in Alberta, we understand the needs and circumstances of the people in our provincial community. Isn’t it nice to get to know the people that will be helping you?

We believe that investing in the community is vital. Our partners and associates are active in a wide range of national, regional, and local professional organizations and community charity-related bodies.

Additionally, the members of our team represent a broad range of educational and professional backgrounds – from engineering to the arts. You will have a chance to learn from many different perspectives and point of views from highly skilled professionals.


At Ogilvie we can appreciate the challenges and stress that students face when choosing a firm at which to article. Perhaps the best way to get a better idea of what our firm has to offer is to talk to someone with first-hand experience of our articling program.

Feel free to contact any of our current articling students at the numbers listed below. They would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about articling at Ogilvie LLP.


Please note that the deadline for applications for the 2019 - 2020 articling year is Friday, May 11, 2018 at 12:00 noon.

Those wishing to be considered for articling positions should forward their applications, including cover letter, resume, letters of reference, and both undergraduate and law school transcripts, to the attention of the partner responsible for Ogilvie's student hiring:

Aleem Popatia
Ogilvie LLP
Suite 1400, Canadian Western Bank Place
10303 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton AB T5J 3N6
Email: articling@ogilvielaw.com

We thank you for your interest in Ogilvie LLP and look forward to speaking with you about the articling opportunities at our firm.

We Look Forward to Your Application!



The Ogilvie LLP articling program involves three rotations of approximately three months each in the areas of:

  • Business Law
    • Corporate
    • Commercial Transactions
  • Real Estate
    • Wills and Estates
  • Litigation
    • Administrative Law

The balance of the articling year is consumed with an orientation week, CPLED courses and holidays. In addition to your principal, who will supervise one rotation, you will be assigned a mentor in each of the other rotations to supervise and work with you.
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What type of work will I do?

In the Litigation and Administrative Law rotation, you will have an opportunity to do legal research, prepare pleadings, speak to trial and appeal lists, attend client interviews, examinations for discovery, hearings and trials. You will make appearances in provincial court and chambers. You may have the opportunity to attend and assist your supervisor at a trial or hearing. As the litigation process is lengthy, you will, if you remain with the firm and have an interest in litigation, have the opportunity to work on a file to its conclusion.

In the Business Law rotation, you will assist in the preparation of documentation, perform various searches and familiarize yourself with checklists, closing agendas, governmental requirements, etc. You will assist in the documentation of the purchase or sale of a business, preparation or review of commercial leases and the incorporation and organization of an Alberta Business Corporation.

The Real Estate rotation allows you to have conduct of files and meet clients more often than in the other two rotations. You will be responsible for the preparation of documents pertaining to the purchase and sale of residential real estate as well as attending on clients to execute documents. You will also prepare wills and related documents and assist in the administration of an estate.
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What is in it for me?

    • We offer an annually reviewed salary that is competitive with others in downtown Edmonton
    • We offer a competitive benefit plan
    • We cover all costs associated with CPLED courses and Law Society memberships.
    • You are encouraged to participate in the Canadian Bar Association and, if so, your membership fees and section fees will be paid

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What is Ogilvie LLP looking for in a student?

The short answer is a future partner. We have always hired students with the anticipation that they would be retained as associates and eventually become partners in the firm.
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How do you become a partner?

Generally after six years of successful practice, associates are considered for partnership. A partner is expected to have developed a sufficient book of work to support a practice. We have associates who choose not to assume the risks and responsibilities of partnership and continue as senior associates. At Ogilvie LLP, we pride ourselves on our flexibility to accommodate variations in the way a partner or an associate wishes to practice.
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Will I have to keep time and work a minimum number of billable hours?

As an articling student, you will not be required to bill a minimum number of hours. You will be required to record your time, both billable and non-billable. Once you become an associate, time recording is a mandatory process. Associates have a target of 1,500 billed hours and 1300 receipted. Associates who exceed that target or develop business will be considered for performance bonuses. To be a successful lawyer in private practice, it is necessary as a student, an associate and a partner to put a substantial number of hours into all aspects of the practice.
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Do students get vacations?

An articling student may take two weeks' vacation during the articling year or upon its conclusion. Most often students take a week during the year and a vacation after being admitted. Associates and partners take vacations at their discretion. Lawyers are encouraged to lead a balanced life but we recognize that different individuals have different work habits and different holiday preferences.
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What will my office be like?

Ogilvie LLP's offices occupy two floors of the Canadian Western Bank building located in the heart of downtown Edmonton. Each student will have a fully furnished and equipped office with Internet access as well as access to our electronic library, which includes Quick Law and Westlaw. You will have the support of the legal assistant of your principal or mentor during the rotation.
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Does Ogilvie LLP have a Parental Leave Policy?

Yes. Ogilvie LLP has an Associate Lawyer Maternity Leave and Parental Leave Policy that sets forth the firm's commitment to financial benefits and the terms on which those benefits will be paid to eligible associate lawyers during maternity leave. The Policy supports the firm's commitment to support its associate lawyers both in their decisions to become parents and in their work as lawyers.
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Who can I speak to if I have further questions?

Feel free to contact our current articling students at the numbers below. They would be more than pleased to answer any questions you may have about articling at Ogilvie LLP.

Current Articling Students

Daniel McDonald
Phone: (780) 429-6272
Email: dmcdonald@ogilvielaw.com

Amy K. Nothof
Phone: (780) 429-6220
Email: anothof@ogilvielaw.com

Erin K. O'Neill
Phone: (780) 429-6270
Email: eoneill@ogilvielaw.com

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How do I apply for an articling position with Ogilvie LLP?

Candidates for articling positions should forward their applications, including resume, covering letter, transcripts of undergraduate and law school grades, and letters of reference, to:

Aleem Popatia
Ogilvie LLP
Suite 1400, Canadian Western Bank Place
10303 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton AB T5J 3N6
Email: articling@ogilvielaw.com

Interviews will be conducted in June for the following year's intake. We thank you for your interest in Ogilvie LLP and look forward to speaking with you about the articling opportunities at our firm.
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Do you have a Summer Student work program?

Yes, we have a first year summer student work program.

If you are a first year law student interested in gaining some work experience and exposure to a law firm during the summer of 2018, please apply. The ideal candidate will have excellent communication skills, well-developed interpersonal skills, a strong work ethic, and a willingness to learn with a positive and professional attitude.

Interested students may apply by sending their resume along with reference letters and transcripts (if available) to Aleem Popatia at articling@ogilvielaw.com

Deadline for applications is January 31, 2018 at 12:00 noon.

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