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James Harwood Ogilvie, Q.C., the founder of the firm, first called Alberta his home in 1912. He began studying law at the University of Alberta in 1914. With the advent of World War I, Edmonton men enlisted by the thousands to serve their country, the young James Ogilvie among them. He returned home safely to complete his articles and was admitted to the Alberta Bar in 1920.

From 1920 to 1926 James Ogilvie practiced with the firm Griesbach, O'Conner, Cameron & Ogilvie. At age 29, Mr. Griesbach K.C. served as Mayor for the City of Edmonton in 1907, making him the youngest mayor in Canada. His partner, the Honourable George O'Connor served as Chief Justice of Alberta from 1950 - 1957.

Mr. Ogilvie continued to practice as a sole practitioner in 1926 - 1927 and with Speers, Ogilvie & Buckley from 1928 - 1939. Not one to sit on his laurels, Mr. Ogilvie also served as a city alderman for 16 years in the City of Edmonton. These were exciting times. When the Leduc Oil Well No. 1 roared in, it signaled a period of unprecedented growth in Alberta. The huge expansion of the oil and gas industry meant prosperity. By the mid-1950's Edmonton housed over 225,000 people; construction, real estate, manufacturing and retail sales were booming!

In 1953, James Ogilvie, Q.C. and Michael O'Byrne partnered to form OGILVIE & O'BYRNE; by 1963, the firm expanded to include Tellex ("Tex") Gallant and Robert Lloyd. Mr. Lloyd, Q.C. continues as an active partner today. To reflect the firm's expansion, the firm's name was changed to OGILVIE, O'BYRNE, GALLANT & LLOYD. Rapid change continued in Alberta due to growth in oil sands development. 1967 marked the year when the Great Canadian Oil Sands Company began its extraction of residual oil from the Athabasca tar sands. Edmonton quickly renewed its claim as the "Gateway to the North" as it was the center for the delivery of goods and services to the North and Fort McMurray, to a project which eventually became known as the giant Syncrude Development.

After leaving public office, Mr. Vincent Dantzer, Mayor of Edmonton from 1965 - 1968 and Mr. Roger Kerans of the firm Dantzer Kerans entered into an amalgamation which created the firm OGILVIE & DANTZER. In 1970 the firm's name was updated to OGILVIE & COMPANY; today you will recognize us as OGILVIE LLP.

Affectionately called the "Chief", James H. Ogilvie Q.C. provided leadership and guidance to lawyers and staff by demonstrating his commitment to their profession and their community. The achievements of Ogilvie lawyers have been recognized including judicial appointments. Mr. Justice Roger P. Kerans was appointed to the Bench in 1970, where he remained until his retirement from the Court of Appeal in 1994. 1984 marked the year when Mr. Justice Tellex W. Gallant was appointed to the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta, furthering the reputation of professionalism and duty that Ogilvie lawyers pride themselves upon.

In 1977, James Ogilvie passed away, but not after passing on many of his endearing qualities to his successors. Today his name lives on, through the firm and the City of Edmonton itself. The City of Edmonton has recognized the contributions made by this outstanding citizen and in his honour named a residential subdivision "Ogilvie Ridge".

Our history reflects a strong foundation of who we are today.