We assist clients with personal estate planning, the drafting of Wills, Personal Directives and Powers of Attorney. Our lawyers maintain a tradition of excellence in all aspects of personal representation. We provide strategies for corporate succession planning, and remain committed to working together with executors and families in the administration of ongoing estates and trusts.

Charitable Bequests

Handling a distribution from a client’s estate to a charitable organization.

Dependent Adult

Ensuring the specified ongoing care for a dependent adult.

Estate Administration

Seeing through client wishes in the case of wills, trusts, life insurance, shareholder agreements and other areas of an estate.

Estate Planning

Consulting in all matters of a client’s estate, including wills, trusts, shareholder agreements and life insurance to ensure clients meet their needs and objectives.

Family Succession

Planning for a smooth transition of a client’s family’s business.

Insurance Benefits

Handling the assignment and distribution of insurance benefits.

Pension Plans

Reviewing and advising on all matters related to pensions.

Personal Directives

Consulting on the creation of a personal directive and providing counsel to ensure client wishes are followed.

Powers of Attorney

Consulting on the assignment of a power of attorney, and representing clients if granted a power of attorney.

Public Trustee Matters

Consulting on the assignment of a public trustee, and representing clients in all public trustee matters.

Trustees & Guardianships

Consulting on the assignment of trustees and guardians, and representing clients in all matters.


Reviewing and advising in all matters related to client trusts.

Will and Probate

Advising on the creation of a will, and providing probate services.

We earn our clients' confidence by
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deserve, and have come to expect.